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Celtica — Journal of the School of Celtic Studies - Vol. 9

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ed. Myles Dillon
Published: 1971
Format: pbk
Pages: 345
Reference: C.1.9
ISBN: 0 901282 60 X


  • The second recension of the Evernew Tongue
    Úna Nic Énrí and G. Mac Niocaill
    pp. 1–60
  • Uí Maine in the annals and genealogies to 1225
    J. V. Kelleher
    pp. 61–112
  • Notes on conjunctions
    Cecile O'Rahilly
    • cenco, `although . . . not'
    • as go, `whereby'
    • ar, `for, since'
    • mar, `as'
    • agus
    • go
    pp. 113–134
  • Correction to Celtica VIII 200
    Myles Dillon
    p. 134
  • Three notes on Laud Misc. 610 (or the Book of Pottlerath)
    Anne O'Sullivan and William O'Sullivan
    pp. 135–151
  • An archaic legal problem
    D. A. Binchy
    pp. 152–168
  • The Edinburgh Synchronisms of Irish kings
    A. Boyle
    pp. 169–179
  • The heir-apparent in Irish and Welsh law
    T. M. Charles-Edwards
    pp. 180–190
  • Irish púirín `hen-house'
    Myles Dillon
    pp. 190
  • Ionmhain an triúr théid san luing
    Brian Ó Cuív
    pp. 191–199
  • Four Old-Irish songs of summer and winter
    Vernam Hull
    pp. 200–201
  • Fear an énais
    J. F. Killeen
    pp. 202–204
  • Irish dérgaid `spreads (coverings), makes a bed'
    Myles Dillon
    pp. 205–209
  • Smaointe Beatha Chríost
    Pádraig Ó Súilleabháin
    pp. 210–211
  • Notes on Irish proper names
    † M. A. O'Brien
    pp. 212
  • On the exclamatory use of the verbal noun
    Cecile O'Rahilly
    pp. 213–214
  • A note on Buile Shuibhne
    Vernam Hull
    pp. 214
  • Tuireamh ó Chontae an Chabháin: nótaí breise
    Séamus P. Ó Mórdha
    pp. 215–216
  • Senchus Fer nAlban. Part II
    John Bannerman
    pp. 217–265
  • Bartholomaei Anglici de Proprietatibus Rerum Liber Octavus
    (ar lean. ó Celtica viii, 201–242)
    Gearóid Mac Niocaill
    pp. 266–315
  • Book reviews
    • The Gododdin: the oldest Scottish poem
      Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson
      Proinsias Mac Cana
    • Orain Iain Luim
      Annie M. MacKenzie
      Hebridean folksongs, a collection of waulking songs by Donald MacCormick
      J. L. Campbell
      T. P. M[cCaughey]
    • Highland settler: a portrait of the Scottish Gael In Nova Scotia
      Charles W. Dunn
      W[illiam] G[illies]
    • Beiträge zur Indogermanistik und Keltologie
      W. Meid
      Myles Dillon
    • St. Patrick
      R. C. P. Hanson
      Myles Dillon
    • Celtic Studies: essays in memory of Angus Matheson, 1912–1962.
      Edited by James Carney and David Greene
      Myles Dillon
    • Indogermanisch und Keltisch
      W. Meid
      Myles Dillon
    • Strange things: the story of Fr Allan McDonald, Ada Goodrich Freer, and the Society for Psychical Research's enquiry into Highland second sight
      John L. Campbell and Trevor H. Hall
      P. Mac Cana
    pp. 316–342
  • Obituary: Julius Pokorny (1887–1970)
    C. R. [Ó] C[léirigh]
    pp. 343–345

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