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Celtica — Journal of the School of Celtic Studies - Vol. 7

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ed. Myles Dillon
Published: 1966 (repr. 1991)
Format: pbk
Pages: 262 pp., pll.
Reference: C.1.7
ISBN: 1 85500 072 5


  • Notes on the scripts and make-up of the Book of Leinster
    W. O'Sullivan
    pp. 1–31
  • Marcach = `messenger' ?
    Cecile O'Rahilly
    p. 32
  • Gurab, present indicative of the copula
    Cecile O'Rahilly
    pp. 33–37
  • Miscellanea
    Cecile O'Rahilly
    1. ciarso (carsa) ciarsat in LL
    2. con-dieig, con-atig
    3. cuinnscle dá chois
    4. galad
    5. On a passage in Cath Ruis na Ríg
    pp. 38–47
  • A devotional poem by Seán Máistir Ó Conaill
    Donncha A. Ó Cróinín
    pp. 48–64
  • On the use of the term retoiric
    Proinsias Mac Cana
    pp. 65–90
  • An old nominal relative sentence in Welsh
    Proinsias Mac Cana
    pp. 91–115
  • The spirant mutation in Brythonic
    David Greene
    pp. 116–119
  • On Celtic reflexes of IE voiceless obstruents
    Seán de Búrca
    pp. 120–127
  • The Irish of Leenane, Co. Galway
    Seán de Búrca
    pp. 128–134
  • Párliament na mBan
    James Stewart
    pp. 135–141
  • Senchus Fer nAlban. I
    John Bannerman
    pp. 142–162
  • Fiarfaidhi San Anselmuis
    R. A. Q. Skerrett
    pp. 163–187
  • Einige englische und irische Worte
    E. Lewy
    p. 188
  • Two Irish verbal systems of the fifteenth century
    R. A. Q. Skerrett
    pp. 189–204
  • Dhá leagan de scéal Phíoláit
    Gearóid Mac Niocaill
    pp. 205–213
  • Quatuor exempla
    Gearóid Mac Niocaill
    pp. 214–217
  • Book reviews
    • Diachronic and synchronic aspects of language
      Alf Sommerfelt: selected articles
      E. G. Quin
    • Libenice: Kelská svatyne ve Stredních Cechách (Sanctuaire celtique en Bohême Centrale)
      Alena Rybová and Bohumil Soudsky
      George Eogan
    • Religions primitivas de Hispania I: Fuentes Literarias Y Epigraficas
      Jose Maria Blazquez Martinez
      Bruce Boling
    • The dialects of Ancient Gaul
      Joshua Whatmough
      Myles Dillon
    • Die indogermanischen Grundlagen der altirischen absoluten und konjunkten Verbalflexion
      Wolfgang Meid
      David Greene
    • Celtic heritage: ancient tradition in Ireland and Wales
      Alwyn Rees and Brinley Rees
      I. Ll. Foster
    • Ireland, harbinger of the Middle Ages
      Ludwig Bieler
      Gearóid S. Mac Eoin
    • The Irish comic tradition
      Vivian Mercier
      P. Mac Cana
    • Seán Ó Donnabháin agus Eoghan Ó Comhraí
      Éamonn de hÓir
      R. B. Breatnach
    • Sean-chainnt na gCruach Co. Dhún na nGall
      Seán Ó hEochaidh
      Séamus Ó Mórdha
    • The international popular tale and early Welsh tradition
      Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson
      P. Mac Cana
    • Dictionnaire des glosses en vieux Breton
      Le vieux Breton, éléments d'une grammaire
      Léon Fleuriot
      Roparz Hemon
    • Angles and Britons: O'Donnell Lectures
      Myles Dillon
    • Celtic Studies in Wales: a survey
      Elwyn Davies
      Myles Dillon
    • The Oldest Irish Tradition : A Window on the Iron Age
      Kenneth HurlstoneJackson
      J[ohn] D[illon]
    • Caint an Bhaile Dhuibh
      Stiofán Ó hAnnracháin
      Myles Dillon
    • Matthew Arnold and Celtic literature: a retrospect 1865–1965
      Rachel Bromwich
      Myles Dillon
    • Adtimchiol an Chreidimh. The Gaelic version of John Calvin's Catechismus Ecclesiae Genevensis
      R. L. Thomson
      R. A. Q. S[kerrett]
    • Llên Cymru VI.3–4 (1961)
      P. Mac Cana
    pp. 218–262

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